Finding Volunteers to Write Grants

Greetings from GrantLessons, we now have 16 followers. Are you having trouble finding volunteers to work with you to write your chapter grants? You are interested in writing grants but you have never done it. You want to learn about how to do it. The best thing you can do is find someone in your chapter to work with you at learning how to write grants. In GrantLessons we are cutting right to the bone and providing specific information for you to get started and to see results early in the process.

Our focus is on finding foundations that want to provide funding to a chapter of Assistance League. There will be no tests here, just directions to help you along the way. GrantLessons is being shared with the new members in our chapter as a way to give them the tools they need to write a successful grant.

Ask other members to join you in obtaining grants for your chapter. It will be more fun to learn together and to celebrate your success. If you need more information about what basic skills a grant writer needs, check out the Lessons Tab in GrantLessons and read the Introduction. Have a great week!

So, catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


2 thoughts on “Finding Volunteers to Write Grants

  1. Sandie, i think that kansas city will need help setting up a drop box for the grants committee. thanks for your help! libby blair

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