Testing Continues

Greetings from GrantLessons, we continue with 19 followers. One follower asked me if I was posting every week since she had not received an email. The email may be going to her spam filter. Please simply hit the comment button and tell me you have received an email with this message. If you do not send a comment, I will send a specific email to you asking if you are receiving emails. Thanks for helping me test that the email feature on the GrantLessons Blog is working. Hopefully, this is the last test I will need to do to ensure that the blog is working as intended.


So catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


10 thoughts on “Testing Continues

  1. I received your e-mail, Sandie. Thanks for all the work you’re doing to help our chapters in their grants operations!

  2. Sandie, I am not receiving the emails. I am passing out a card tomorrow to all of the Texass chapters with a link to this blog. Hopefully the number of followers will increase. Thanks!

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