What Next after GrantStation Identifies Potential Grantors?

Greetings from GrantLessons, we have 26 followers. GrantStation is only the beginning. Once a potential grantor is found by searching the GrantStation database one must dig deeper to determine if the foundation is viable for a grant for your chapter.

  • GrantStation may identify a state that a grantor provides funds in and on further review, one finds out that the funding is only for one city in the state such as Las Vegas and not Reno.
  • GrantStation may indicate that the funding is nationwide but check out the website you may find the grant is limited to a few states or cities.
  • While on the website, try and determine for businesses connected with foundations if there is a local presence in your community. Often the grant seeker will find a locator map      where one can determine if there is a presence in a community.
  • GrantStation does not always provide a website location for more information. If a website is provided, one should check it out for specific information about the grant.
  • GuideStar should be checked  to review the most recent Form 990-PF for the foundation, examining Part XV that will give specific information on where to submit a grant proposal.
  • Form 990-PF will also have  a list of the grantors showing where the grants were actually made and how  much was given.
  • GrantStation will not always tell you about idiosyncrasies of a grant so you must read everything that you can find three times.

Now it is time to make a decision is there enough evidence that the foundation being looked at gives money in your city, that money was actually given for a similar program, i.e., funded grants have been given for food in your community by a foundation. Now, look over the application before you start completing it to determine if you have all the information needed. You will find a request for something that you are not willing to reveal like the names of your individual donors for the last 10 years.

Now it is time to try this out. Do a search on GrantStation. Determine if you really think the foundation would be a good grant for your chapter after checking them out on Guidestar and on their website.

Build your skill and remember just because you found the grant opportunity doesn’t mean you have to write the grant. When you work as a team there may be someone else who does not like looking for a grant but is willing to fill out the information once a grant opportunity is found.

So catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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