Using GrantStation

Greetings from GrantLessons, we have 31 followers. And more to come as Anita Friesen reports several more chapters will be signed up for GrantStation this week.

Many of the new followers have received their log-in for GrantStation and may be wondering what to do next. GrantLessons Blog has several videos under the “Resources” tab. One of the videos, titled “Searching for OSB (Operation School Bell) Funders provides a step by step look at how to use GrantStation. The video is only 2.3 minutes long, so you can take a couple of  minutes, watch it and then open GrantStation and look for grantors for one of your chapter’s programs. Below is the link.

Once you find a potential grantor, the next step is to look at their website and read everything you can about the grantor. You may find that they require a letter of inquiry. A letter of inquiry is simply a test to see if there is a match between the grantor’s desire to provide funding and the chapter’s need for funding. Often the process is online but frequently this is a paper process. If you need to write a paper letter of inquiry, keep the following in mind: Explain the connection; build credibility; briefly describe the proposed project and related need; request their consideration and provide your contact information.

There is a sample letter of inquiry under the Examples tab and a downloadable file under the Resources tab.

Enjoy your time playing with the files on GrantLessons, it will lead to money for your chapter’s work. You have all the tools you need to write your first letter of inquiry.

So catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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