New Approach to Grantor Funding

We now have 41 chapters that have purchased GrantStation. It has been an interesting week at GrantLessons.

We had an inquiry from one follower as to whether an email they had received at their chapter from a grantor was valid. To make a long story short, the grantor (J P Morgan Chase) has decided to use a different process to determine how they would disburse the several millions of grants they are giving away this year. During June, customers of the bank could nominate nonprofit organizations in their communities.

The chapter had received an email notifying them they had been nominated. JP Morgan Chase wanted them to complete some simple pieces of paper validating they were a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization (which is required by the IRS). They have to fill out the paperwork by August 30.

2,500 nonprofits were nominated to share 2.5 million dollars. Doing the math, that is, $1,000 if all nonprofits nominated fill out the paperwork and could be more since the 2.5 million has been designated for these 2,500 nonprofit organizations. Further research shows that there were 34 other Assistance League Chapters that have the same opportunity. We at GrantLessons sent them an email to make sure they had seen the opportunity. I know that I am putting May 15, 2013 on my calendar to look at what JP Morgan Chase may be doing next year. You may want to do the same. See the link below that describes the process in more detail.

So catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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