Geographic Focus in GrantStation

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We had an interesting comment by a follower this week. She indicated she had not found any opportunities for grants using GrantStation. We were perplexed by her comment since she is from a large metropolitan city in California. So, off we went to do some searching on our own. We opened GrantStation, logged in, and went to the Advanced Search Box. We started our search by limiting the focus of our search to California. We selected “poverty” and “children” and “project/program support” as our criteria. 63 links for potential funders came up. However, we were not done yet.

We went into the 63 links and found additional research was needed to determine if the grantors were interested in the large metropolitan city in question. This required us to look at the “geographic focus” line within the geographic scope of California on the grantor’s GrantStation profile. The geographic focus often specifically identified the large metropolitan city being searched. However, sometimes it simply said “communities served by the bank” or “communities with company facilities”. In both cases, one needed to go to the grantor’s website to see if the large metropolitan city was listed in the “location” section of the website or by doing a Google search with the grantor’s name and the city name, one can also find the information. The chapter member who lives in this large metropolitan city has at least 10 to 15 grantors that specifically identify their city. WOW! that is a lot of opportunity and what we would call “A Bunch of Hot Leads”.

The chapter members doing the basic research must have patience and persistence as part of their personality. It will also help if a couple of members are working together at the same time to do this detective work. After locating these leads the chapter members will then need to review each grantor’s application procedures and processes and rank order the 10 to 15 grantors to determine which grant application they will actually complete depending on their capacity for writing applications and the grantor’s deadline.

So, in short many chapters will need to put together a subcommittee of their Grants Committee to do the searching for grantor leads. In addition, remember if you find a great lead that does not necessarily mean that you have to write the grant since you may have another chapter member who hates searching for grant leads but loves filling out grant applications.

Okay, challenge this week is to open up GrantStation and do a simple search as described above and see how many leads are available in your city.

So catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


One thought on “Geographic Focus in GrantStation

  1. Nice going with your follow up. I would say that having a small team work together is the very best plan. There is always comfort in numbers.

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