Surprise – Grantor Relationship

Greetings from GrantLessons, we have 43 followers. We at GrantLessons are happy that many chapters have joined GrantLessons. We are getting ready for next week where we will present a session at the Houston National Assistance League conference. Our session, titled “Show Us the Money: A Practical Approach to Grant Writing” is scheduled for Saturday, September 15 from 2:30 to 4:00 PM. Pat Reinier and Sandie Barrie will provide information about GrantStation. Please join us, we would like to meet our followers from GrantLessons. And remember right after our session, the party begins 😉

At Reno-Sparks, we call those grants that we have been fortunate to secure one year after another our continuing grants to separate those grants from some of the new ones we are exploring through the use of GrantStation.

The Grants Committee has been working for many years and has formed solid relationships with many of their grantors. We are telling you this story so you can understand that the work that you are doing today may show benefits in years to come. One of our continuing grantors asked us to provide additional information about one of our other programs that we had not written for previously. For many years, the grantor had funded our Operation School Bell® and Food Pantry programs. This made us a little uneasy, would the grantor continue to fund these programs in addition to another program?

Nancy, a seasoned grant writer (a former English teacher), spoke with the foundation staff and found out they were interested in more of our programs through a DVD we had sent them. The DVD had been completed with the help of one of our local tv channel reporters. (Here is the link to the video . The link is also available on the GrantLessons Blogroll.

Nancy had the unenviable task of writing the proposal, which she did skillfully. In her paper request, she asked for the continuing support of the programs and asked for funding for an additional program as the grantor had requested, called Links to Learning.

She wrote the letter on July 10 and got the call on August 24. She wrote the request for $55,000 and the grantor has informed us they will be funding us at $85,000. Nancy says the DVD helped our case, we at GrantLessons think it has a lot more to do with the skillfully written letter and the ongoing relationship that Nancy has formed over many years with this grantor. For all of you that are starting out with your first grant writing experience keep this positive story in mind, your work today may come back as a generous gift in the future!

We hope to see you at conference.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


3 thoughts on “Surprise – Grantor Relationship

  1. Since I am unable to attend the conference in Houstion, will you be posting the handouts or slides online for viewing?

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