Relationship Building

Greetings from GrantLessons. We are celebrating since we have attracted 50 followers. Welcome to all our new followers. And the beat moves on. . .

Another busy week has passed with focusing on getting the grant files in order by labeling them and putting them in the file cabinet. This week I found myself going to two separate functions held by two of our grantors. The foundations were celebrating their accomplishments and our chapter had been invited to attend since we had received funding.

So off I went, the first function served dinner and I got to sit down next to a scholarship winner, a young student. Of course, I talked about what we were doing at Assistance League and then the executive director of the fund stopped by to talk with the chapter president and I was introduced to her. We quickly learned how much she liked the Assistance League. We immediately suggested she come to visit us. She indicated she wanted to do that and would bring some of the fund supporters with her.

The second function I decided to shove some brochures into my small purse. Yes, I am in the parking lot dumping the contents of my purse out on the front seat of my car so I can get the brochures into my purse and not look conspicuous. I walk into the conference meeting room and immediately run into someone I haven’t seen in 10 years. After the hugs, I quickly learn she is now serving as staff to one of our funders. Then she asked me what I was doing. At this point, I swiftly pulled out a brochure and invited her to bring her funder over to our Thrift Shop to see what we are doing. Then, I got introduced to the funder herself. Small talk continued and then it was time for us to take our seats.

The point is when these invitations come, be sure to send a member of the committee to be present. As we learned at our national conference, so much of what we do is about relationship building. We have found that when we get someone to come and visit the chapter house and see the flurry of activity all working towards either making money to fund our philanthropic programs or actually preparing and planning for the programs, the visitor is always impressed. More than once this visit has resulted in a grant writing opportunity or a cash donation.

Lastly, prior planning prevents poor performance, take a big purse . . .

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


One thought on “Relationship Building

  1. Wonderful stories, Sandie! You are doing a fantastic job, and yes, you are right, everything builds on a relationship. Karen I.

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