Searching for Grantor Prospects and Chase Bank Initiative

Greetings from GrantLessons, we continue at 51 followers. Today I am working with a grant committee member to search for new grantors using GrantStation. One of the tools I am using is the Grantor Name Searched form. Under the Example/Funding Sources tab at you can find an example of the form titled, “Grantor Name Searched”. The purpose of the form is to keep track of the grantors one has evaluated so that one does not waste time looking at the grantor a second time. Additionally, for whatever reason if you no longer are the one doing the searching for your committee, the next person will know which grantors you reviewed and why you determined them not worthy of your time to write a grant. Further, if you want to use this file, you can go to the Resources/Downloadable File and download it as an Excel worksheet. The file is called the “Grantor Name Searched” file. We will save our Excel worksheet to the chapter’s Dropbox online file management so anyone on our team has access to it.

Today when I work with the grant member one of us will search GrantStation and another one will keep track of which grantors we have reviewed. We will use two computers to do the process, one with GrantStation open and one with the Excel spreadsheet open. The process will go much faster with two of us working on it and it will be a lot more fun! And, I am about having fun in anything I do 😉

We at GrantLessons are still interested in the Chase Bank initiative which was an experiment in using social media by a grantor to donate to charities. Looks like the winners have been determined. We are unsure if any of Assistance League Chapters who completed the profiles as directed by Chase Bank actually received any funding. Please let us know. We want to learn as much about this initiative in the next few months so that when we get to April/May 2013 we can look at what we can do to maximize our ability to gain some of the Chase funding for our chapter’s programs.

See!/ChaseCommunityGiving/app_162065369655  . Note the top winner got 93, 534 votes and with that a check for $250,000.

It is good to be home from my trip to Illinois where I celebrated Christmas with my big family, all 12 of my brothers and sisters. It was a great week and the weather was nice and warm unlike December in the Windy City.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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