Writing a Compelling Narrative/Case Statement

Good Morning from GrantLessons, we have 55 followers. Today most of us are traveling or preparing the Turkey feast for our families. Making a good turkey feast requires great recipes. The same goes for writing a good case statement for your grant proposal. GrantLessons has had a request for more information on how to write a compelling case statement.

In our training materials for GrantLessons, we use the term “narrative” which is the same thing as a case statement. Using either term, case statement or narrative, the writer‘s challenge is to craft a compelling argument for their grant proposal. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Sell the solutions not the problems being addressed;
  • A few statistics are helpful, however, testimonials will often bear more credibility;
  • Use an active voice making positive statements; and
  • Get to the point by editing and avoid redundancy.

Use three committee members to write the case statement. The dialogue between the committee members will flush out extraneous material and make the case statement or narrative concise, to the point and compelling. Be sure the committee members are knowledgeable about the program. A grant member cannot write a compelling case statement without working closely with the staff that is implementing the program.

You can find a downloadable file for a case statement or a narrative on the GrantLessons Blog. The file is located at Resources/Downloadable File/Writing/Program Narrative. Once you have a compelling narrative (case statement), be sure to place it in DropBox so it is available to all committee members.

If you have been reading GrantLessons, you know in my chapter we have been working on gaining our GuideStar Exchange Seal. We hit the “submit” button for our GuideStar profile on Monday. On Tuesday, we received our GuideStar Exchange Seal! Yah! Next, we will be working on learning how to display the seal on our website. More to come . . .

Enjoy your time with family or friends. We will see you next week on GrantLessons.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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