An Early Christmas Present and More Public Relations

Greetings from GrantLessons, we have 56 followers. So it was kind of a regular day last week, when the President is waving this piece of paper in my face, what is this, a grant? She had looked at the Chapter List of Grants, but the grantor’s name was not on the list. Turns out, we finally got a response from a letter of inquiry that was written 18 months ago. The better part we have another $1,500 for operating expenses. I am just smiling on this one. And yes, I wrote the thank you letter and invited them to come to visit us at our Thrift Shop 😉

Now that we have the GuideStar Exchange Seal under our belt, let’s talk about completing GuideStar reviews. When I first started working with GuideStar, I did not understand the value of writing a review. Remember, big funders use GuideStar to sort through the potential applicants. Big funders pay GuideStar to collect data from the grantor profiles.

One of our followers, Ann Whitaker AL – Kansas City reported she has got 28 reviews completed on her GuideStar profile. I suggest you take a look at the Kansas City GuideStar profile by going to  .  Ann states, “I have used parts of these reviews as quotes in newsletter articles and grant applications.” Great Job!

You can learn more about how to complete a review by going to your chapter’s profile and click “Write a Review” right under your chapter’s name. Reviews can be written by a volunteer, client served, donor, board member, professional with expertise in this field, general member of the public, or an advisor. The review form indicates, it only takes a minute. Remember grantor’s go to GuideStar to learn about your chapter. They are interested in hearing what board members, volunteers and the general public have to say.

I am counting the days till Christmas, found that online shopping is working at helping me get ready for the Christmas holidays.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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