Budget Summary, Funder Donations, and Great Article

Greetings from GrantLessons! We added a new follwer, and now are at 60 followers.

Our GrantLessons Team had a lot of fun at the National Committee Meeting. We are taking steps to send out a second invitation to our chapter members to invite them to join both GrantStation and GrantLessons. If you are finding GrantLessons Blog, we invite you to tell your Assistance League colleagues about us.

The GrantLessons Team discussed how to present our chapter budget to a funder. Especially with an online application, the Grant Committee member is uploading a file to the grantor website. Many chapters use QuickBooks to handle their accounting needs, which produces a long detailed budget document. The document can be confusing to a grantor; we suggest summarizing the main categories of the budget. We have added a summarized budget document to the GrantLessons Downloadable Tab to help you get started if you should desire to do.

Do you ever get the question, “Are we going to be able to continue getting grants for our programs?” I find that everyone has an opinion on this topic. The Foundation Center has a succinct answer which is a foundation must distribute “five percent of the average market value of its net investment assets in order to avoid paying excise taxes”. For additional information see, http://www.grantspace.org/Tools/Knowledge-Base/Funding-Resources/Foundations/Payout Therefore as the economy gets better (we all hope) grantors will make more money and will therefore need to distribute more monies to nonprofits. And, as long as the tax code does not change, foundations have a “payout requirement” to distribute some of their earnings to nonprofit organizations.

GuideStar has an interesting article for those who like to see what is happening in philanthropy and the social economy. Lucy Bernholz produced a report titled, Philanthropy and the Social Economy, Blueprint 2013: The Annual Industry Forecast, which is a free download at
http://www.grantcraft.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.ViewPage&pageId=3745 . I just got done reading the document, it is a fascinating summary of where donating is going in the future.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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