Promotion, Searching, Taking GrantStation Survey

Greetings from GrantLessons! We have 62 followers! It appears that we are getting one new follower per week. Please keep spreading the word so that at some point we have someone following GrantLessons from each Assistance League chapter. 😉

Today is our Grants Committee meeting. Once a month we come together as writers and supporters of our chapter’s grant writing activities. We hope that everyone comes today because we are having our picture taken as a group. Why you may ask am I writing about this, the reason is to encourage you to have your public relations chairman get a picture of those that write grants in your chapter. There is nothing like putting a face to the words “grant writers” and then posting the picture on your website, Facebook, or publishin in your annual report. And, yes be sure to smile like you did when you got your last grant check. 😉

We had several requests this week on how to search for potential funders for Operation School Bell. When I am searching, I use the following criteria: poverty, children/youth and program/project. One can search by the nation or state. I always start with the state list when I start my evaluation. If you have done a similar search you find that you have a list of 50 to 100 potential funders. Currently, you have to go to each link to determine if the funder will be a match for your chapter’s funding needs. The only thing you are looking for on this first pass is whether the grantor funds applications in your geographic location. This is cumbersome and disappointing when you go to each link to only find that the funder has a lot of resources but that they are only funding applications for cities on the other side of your state. This task takes time and is more fun if you able to find someone to assist you in the process. Also, start a list of those that will not work, i.e., only fund in another geographic location than the one you are in, so that you do not waste time going into the link a second time. 😉

I had an opportunity to discuss our collective desire to have more options in searching by geographic focus with GrantStation this week. In the process, I met Ellen Mower from GrantStation she asked that I share the following link with you and ask you to participate in the GrantStation Spring survey I completed the survey for my chapter. It took about 10 minutes to do. If you are interested you can find the GrantStation Fall Survey on the front page of the GrantStation website, see

The GrantLessons Blog is located at where you can find many resources that will help in your grantwriting.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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