Smaller Bites for Quicker Writes – Finding a Match

Greetings from GrantLessons!

I was playing around on GrantStation today. I found an interesting fact that relates to finding opportunities for smaller bites of funding that are quicker writes. However, remember it will always take time to sift through the links since GrantStation only sorts by state and not by county. Also, many of these opportunities are corporate contributions. You are not going to find corporations having a Form 990 on Guidestar for obvious reasons they are not a nonprofit. So you are not going to find an easy way to determine how much funding to ask for in your request. So come on get a couple of members even if they never wanted to be on the Grants Committee, I bet a few of the Resource Development folks who are trying to find contributions for their silent auctions or galas or other funding raising events would be interested in this information.

Here is the selection criteria I used, select Geographic Scope (Nevada), select Product Donation. Do not put in any areas of interest, it will narrow the search too much. In other words, do not make any selection in Step 2. For Nevada, there are 8 options. The options listed are frequently corporate sponsors. The amount of money obtained will frequently be much smaller than a $5,000 grant. But finding $500 or a $1,000 for one of your programs is worth it! I can tell you for sure that our chapter has received checks from 2 listed in Nevada and we have been denied by one of the funders. And yes, we would have not known about these opportunities if we had not used GrantStation. Further, I think I even found a new one that we have not applied for yet! The real beauty with our committee is that if I find one there is always someone available to actually make out the application because we have several who work on our team. And you will be able to get more to work on your committee if you give them a simple corporate contribution application to complete as their first adventure.

If you want even more fun do the search using the Geographic Scope (National) and product donation. Do not make any selection under areas of interest. There are 61 options. Looks like there are more than one corporation that we will be successful in getting some funding, if we make an application. I say that because I recognize that these corporations have a presence in our community. This is usually the main criteria that a chapter will need to meet, that is, the corporation will need to have a physical address within the Assistance League’s chapter scope of service. We have 10 chapter programs out of 12 chapter programs that we could accept funding for and I think it will go faster for us to just go through each one of the 61 links to see which ones match.

If you have several people writing and searching on GrantStation, remember always to follow your protocols. For us, no one gets to write a grant or a request for monies without first checking with our Grants Committee Chairman 😉 By the way we soon will be changing our protocol to have all applications for funding to outside organizations go through one person so that we are sure that we are not working at cross-purposes between committees (program funding versus fund raising for events) since most of entities only allow one application per year from an organization.

Okay, enough fun for today. My challenge to you is to go out and have a party and look at some of these options and pass the word about GrantStation and the GrantLessons Blog. Share this information with your own chapter and with other chapters. Remember you can find a lot of helpful tips at .

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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