Finding a Grant Writer

Greetings from GrantLessons!

Not every Chapter can find someone within their membership to write grants for their philanthropic programs. Your Chapter may be looking at hiring an outside grant writer or accepting the help of a non-member volunteer. Here are a few questions to ask potential candidates:

1. What strategies do you use to find a funder for our programs?

2. Do you have access to a funder search database, such as, GrantStation or Foundation Directory Online? How long have you used this search database?

3. Have you written foundation grants?

4. When was the last grant you wrote actually funded?

5. What is the dollar value of the grants you have received over the last two years?

6. Have you obtained any corporate donations in the last two years?

7. Are you familiar with our philanthropic programs?

8. What has been the main focus of your grants, i.e., education, human services, i. e., programs for children?

9. What kind of relationships do you have with funders in our community?

10. Are you able to complete an online application for funding?

11. How long does it take you to complete an application?

12. Do you use an online file management system like Dropbox?

Lastly, how you pay a grant writer should not be based on a commission nor should you pay anyone to find a funder for your Chapter. Additionally, compensation should not be written into a grant.

Trees are starting to bloom in Reno even though the nights are still chilly, hopefully it will be time to plant flowers soon. However, those of us who live here know it will be several more weeks before we can start planting 😉

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


One thought on “Finding a Grant Writer

  1. Thanks Sandie, this is really useful information and I think it also could work as a guide for grant writing committees…can each member of the committee speak to these questions in the affirmative?
    Certainly something to aspire to and a way to chart training and development of the committee.

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