Recognizing Philanthropic Program Leaders

Greetings from GrantLessons!

The weather is Spring-like with an occasional hot day. It is beautiful weather to take a walk and think about this last year. Each of us has moved forward in our grant writing activities by either improving our own grant writing abilities or by encouraging members in our Chapter to help us write grants.

As we who write grants know the process is ongoing all year. We never really get done with the work so it is important to stop periodically and recognize what a valuable job we are doing for those who live in our community. It is really important to cultivate the relationship between the grant writers in your Chapter and the philanthropic program members who take the money we get and turn it into gifts to the community. Our part at times seems easy compared to the hours of time it takes to pull off Operation School Bell, distributing food to hundreds of people each month, or making sure all the receipts have been turned in for teachers who are getting awards to help them in their classrooms.

Our community has a foundation that recognizes women who make a difference in our community each year. We take great pleasure this year in recognizing Anne Marie Utter, who makes a difference through her leadership in our Links to Learning Program. We at GrantLessons hope you take time to tell those who spend the money that we as grant writers are lucky enough to get how much we appreciate their work. Look around in your community to see where you may have an opportunity to recognize one of your members for the stellar work they are doing. For we grant writers know that without their work as evidence we would not be able to write the next grant. And the beat goes on . . .

On another note, a couple weeks ago we gained a small grant of $2,500. The funder asked for a couple of pictures to show at their check-giving party. We sent them two pictures and made sure that our Assistance League logo was prominent on the picture. As I often say you don’t know who might be in the audience who when seeing our name may be our next donor.

Oh and about the Spring cleaning, there is still much to do 😉

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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