Philanthropic Program Fact Sheets

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Cooler temperatures in store for Reno, not quite time to plant tomatoes yet!

We are lucky in that we have gained two new members who have written grants in the past. So they don’t need a lot of help in how to write a grant or good writing skills but they are new to Assistance League. Our chapter has 12 philanthropic programs. We write grants to help support 7 philanthropic programs. Well it became apparent at the Grants Committee meeting last week that we needed to prepare fact sheets for our new grant writers. We decided on an Excel spreadsheet format as a good tool to prepare this information. In addition we can input the information each year and then we will have a historical perspective. Therefore, we designed an Excel Workbook with 12 worksheets. For those that we attempt to get grants for we plan to collect the following variables:

General Information
• Chairman Name
• Chairman Email Address
• Chairman Phone Number
• Vice-Chairman Name
• Vice-Chairman Email Address
• Vice-Chairman Phone Number
• Short Summary of the Program
• Year Established
• Program Agreement Due
• Recipient Group
• Partner Name
• Partner Email Address
• Partner Phone Number
• Program Runs From/To
• Number of Volunteers
• Number of Non-Volunteers
• Number of Volunteer Hours
• Number of Non-Volunteer Hours
• Value of Service Hour
• Total Value of Volunteer Time
• Philanthropic Program Organization Budget
• Grants Budget

Specific Information (Will Change By Program)
• Number of Schools Served
• Number of Walmart Stores
• Number of Shopping Events
• Year Started by Walmart Store
• Number of Recipients Served by Store
• Total Number of Recipients Served for FYE
• Average Cost by Recipient
• How Recipients are Selected
• Geographic Region Served

We also are planning to place all relative forms used by the philanthropic program in the Dropbox Grants Folder.

Back to Spring cleaning, some things never seem to get done 😉

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


3 thoughts on “Philanthropic Program Fact Sheets

  1. Hi Sandie, great article, I have had 5 chapters inquire about GrantSration 3new and 2 renewals so we are on our way. When I spoke to the Presidents I really pushed it and the blog, so you may get some more new blog participants. I am off to Europe on Sat, will be gone till 6/9, would you be available to help Carol Vispo answer email questions on Granstation and the blog if she needs help?


    Sent from my iPad. Anita Friesen National Director of Resource Development Home: 520.299.2213 Cell: 520.449.7625

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