Lesson #1 – Dropbox

Greetings from GrantLessons! My grandchildren went back to school this week. It was a short summer for kids here in Reno since we are starting a new school year calendar. We at GrantLessons are starting a new school year as well. We have decided to reorganize our approach to the blog. Each week for the next 25 weeks, we will provide one lesson on how to go about setting up a team to write grants. Follow along and do your homework and you to will be able to obtain more grants for your chapter. Come along the ride should be fun!

The first lesson is on Dropbox. Dropbox is an online file management system. Yes, it is up there in the sky somewhere. What Dropbox allows you to do is to save documents so that other members of your team can access them. You can all work from home to write your grants at the same time and access all the documents needed when you need them. I have a favorite saving, “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”.

You access Dropbox by going to http://www.Dropbox.com . It is a free service unless you store more documents than 2GB (don’t worry that is a huge amount of space) You earn more space as you invite new members and they join from your invite. Dropbox places an icon on your computer desktop. There is also an application for your iPhone. There is a short YouTube video on the GrantLessons Blog under the video tab titled “Getting Started with Dropbox”. One member will be the administrator who will invite others to join the Grants Folder on Dropbox.

Once Dropbox is set-up and you have established your first folder, you need to populate it with subfolders. Grant applications always ask for the following documents: IRS Determination Letter, Mission Statement, Audited Financials, Organization Budget, Program Budget and Program Description. You will need to establish a separate subfolder for each. In addition, start a subfolder called applications. Your homework for this week is to set-up Dropbox for your Chapter’s Grant Committee. If you already have Dropbox with folders you can step to the head of the class. 😉

Next week, we will discuss how to save a document into Dropbox. If you need help be sure to keep asking your family, friends or other chapter members until you find someone who can assist you. Be sure to sign up your new grant members to the blog, get everyone on board to learn how to get more grants for your chapter.

Still warm here in Reno and we have a lot of smoke from fires a couple hundred miles away.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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