Lesson #6 Computer and Typing Tips

Greetings from GrantLessons! We hope those who are at conference in Chicago are having a fun time.

Today we are going to have a simple lesson in that we are going to review some of the computer and typing tips that will make the grant writing process easier. One of the things you learn early on when working on an online application is how incredibly small the dialogue boxes are. You might be saying what is a dialogue box? A dialogue box is a small window where the applicant types answers to questions. As the applicant enters information into the dialogue box, the window scrolls down. Soon, one cannot read the words first entered which makes it confusing and fatiguing to enter data and to check on its accuracy. I soon learned to first type answers to questions into a Microsoft Word document and then simply “cut and paste” into the dialogue box.

Sometimes computers have a mind of their own and that they sometimes decide to crash just when one has finally captured their ideas. It is important to have a good back-up system for your work. Also, check the wordprocessing settings to make sure the “autorecover” is set at 1 minute not 10 minutes. Losing a minute’s worth of work is one thing, losing 10 minutes when you have been on a roll is very fatiguing.

When saving each portion of the application when working online it is important to save the work prior to moving onto the next section. Another tip is to only use one space not two spaces after the period in a sentence since it can take up valuable space when there is a limit on characters. I always set the autocorrect feature to help me while typing so that a red mark shows on the computer screen when something is misspelled. It is important to run the typed answers through grammar and spelling checks. It is important to rewrite any passive sentences so that the tone of the answer has an active voice demonstrating the success of the nonprofit and its programs.

We are keeping the lesson short and sweet this week so those that are still back on Lesson #4 and #5 can catch up. Also, we know a few of our followers are at conference taking in all the scenes. Weather is cool and windy, no smoke. I can feel Fall in the air. Here in Reno we are all looking forward to football games. Enjoy the conference!

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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