Lesson #7 – Value of Jing

Weather report in Reno has us with an afternoon with no smoke, windy and Fall is definitely in the air.

A couple of posts back I introduced the program called Jing to our discussion. Did you download and try Jing? Again Jing can be found at http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html. I am not sure that I really emphasized how important it is for you to get this program and start to use it. As we get deeper into evaluating grant opportunities you will want to share specific information from Form 990s and websites with your colleagues. The program is simple to use since it allows you to draw lines around whatever you want to capture. Don’t delay, this tool will be very valuable in the very near future.

As we get into the Fall months and soon into Winter this is a great time to invite your chapter members to join you in your efforts. By now I hope you have gotten Dropbox and got all your documents collected, scanned, saved and are ready to start to put them in to applications.

At our chapter tomorrow, we are trying something new called “Speed Grant Writing”. We are working on completing the local Wal-Mart grant applications which are due on December 1st. We have several stores in the Reno-Sparks area. Wal-Mart requires that we submit a separate application to each store even though the request and information is identical. We gathered all the information and now we are going to teach some of our newer members how to complete an online application. We are all going to sit down at the same time, sure there will be lots of laughs, it should be fun.

Do any of your committee members need some help to be more productive? Remember as you share what you are learning more members will be able to help with the work. Success is only a few clicks away.

Hope you are having a fun day 😉 I am!

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


2 thoughts on “Lesson #7 – Value of Jing

  1. Our chapter has done these speed grant sessions a couple of times. We have a list of foundations/ etc. that do grants in our county and we do a mailing to them with a Letter of Inquiry and information about one of our programs. Each letter is addresses to the specific person and an envelope, generated by each member of the grants teams. Is an easy way for the new members to feel like they are contributing to the grants committee right from the start.

    Walmart has changed their criteria for program funding and we usually ask for funds for Operation School Bell but now the education criteria is gone. What are your granting criteria for applying?

    We enjoy the information,

    Colleen Cremer
    Assistance League of Montgomery County

    • Hi Colleen, yes the speedwriting for grants turned out to be a great idea. For Wal-Mart grant we have a food pantry so we are applying for hunger relief. Thanks for following and please keep up the comments and questions. It makes a blog work. 😉 Sandie

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