Lesson #10 GrantStation

Greetings from GrantLessons! Fall is definitely in the air. A little more time indoors will help us focus on doing searches on GrantStation. GrantStation is available to all Assistance League chapters at $47 per year. I am assuming that your chapter has bought your subscription and you are able to do a search. I have created a video at http://www.grantlessons.wordpress.com where you can get step by step directions on how to click your way through to a list of funder profiles. It is located under the Resources tab. It is also located on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH9wP4vRbXs and is called, “Searching for OSB (Operation School Bell) Funders.

The output after putting in the search terms is a list of links to individual funder profiles who meet the criteria put into the GrantStation search boxes. If you have GrantStation and simply cannot figure it out, send a comment, so we can learn what you are having trouble with. In addition, recently I discovered that one can do a keyword search using your city, state or county and a small list of potential funders will come up. Note that because there are no other criteria put in, the search may not demonstrate any leads.

Note that once you have a lead you will need to print the profile for further review. You will not be able to look the funder’s Form 990 up while in GrantStation. However, in an earlier lesson we discussed GuideStar’s ability to retrieve Form 990s. Does your chapter have GrantStation? Have you accessed it recently? Ever think about just having one person be the chapter’s searcher. That is what I do for my chapter. I get really excited when I find a new lead. I do further research which I will discuss in a later lesson and then send it off to the committee where one of the other members actually writes the grant application. It really works well for us!
Our next lesson will focus on Foundation Directory Online, a new source for finding funder leads.

Enjoy the Fall weather, with a hot cup of tea, and your computer. Spend some time looking for a list of potential funders. You will need a sample funder list as we move into our next few lessons.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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