Lesson #11 – Foundation Directory Online

Greetings from GrantLessons! Leaves, leaves and more leaves and the temperature is getting colder. The game is getting the leaves up before the rain and snow start. I came in for a few minutes and have a cup of tea at my side.

In this lesson, I want to tell you about a different database available to grant writers. It is called Foundation Directory Online (FDO). FDO is very expensive ranging in 5 different plans from $20 to $180 per month. I have been exploring it for the last month to determine if I can find any new leads for our chapter. I am doing this by paying for a one month subscription and then immediately canceling the subscription since it is on a monthly recurring charge. This is what I have found so far. FDO makes searching for a potential funder faster. FDO gleans more information for the reviewer to analyze than does GrantStation. The Form 990 link for the specific funder being reviewed is available on the funder’s profile page. You can find more information at http://fconline.foundationcenter.org/.

To date I have only used the search grant makers subscription component but I am planning to explore the company search for corporations as well. So far, I have found one new grant potential that was not listed on GrantStation and sent it off to our committee chair that has gotten one of our committee members to write a letter of introduction. If this letter results in more than $20 it will be money well spent.

The home work this week is to search either GrantStation or Foundation Directory Online and get a list of potential grantors. Next week the fun starts as we look at how we evaluate the list to determine which ones we are going to spend time in writing an application.

For now, more leaves need to be raked up ;-).

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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