Lesson #14 – Funder Evaluation and Paper Application

Greetings from GrantLessons! And, I thought it was cold last week! Wow what a cold spell we are in! Sure glad the Internet is available to help with shopping this year. We are moving right along with our lessons.

With a funder profile in hand, we are now ready to do our last evaluation before we start writing. Here is what to do next. Look at all the information you have gained about the funder from GrantStation, their website, their Form 990-PF and any other intelligence you can gather. Look at it critically, is there a match between what they want to fund and one of your chapter’s programs? With a resounding yes we now can start writing.

There are a few differences between completing a paper application versus an online application. However, one issue is the same and that is having historical chapter program information to use in writing the applicationis required. For instance, if we use Operation School Bell we need to know how many children did we cloth last year, how many children have we clothed since the inception of the program, which year did the program start? If you do not have outcome measurements you will not be able to write a strong application. As the grant writer your job is to report the information. It is the job of others in the chapter to actually develop the measures, collect the data, and report the information at least annually.

Let’s say this is a paper application. Look to see if there are any guidelines for writing: size of paper, margins, single or double spacing, font type and size, etc. Using these guidelines set up your wordprocessing program. Give the document a file name and save it to the proper Dropbox folder. Now with the blank sheet of paper staring you in the face, start with the first piece of required information. The information requested is the name of the applicant. Type “Name of Applicant” and enter the information. Continue down with the next piece of information requested, working through each requirement. In making the headings use the wording that the funder uses. Answer the questions succinctly and be careful not to use redundant information. Edit whatever you write to the bare necessities. You will find that you have the chapter history, the program description, the audited financials, the program budget already in Dropbox. Actually, if you have completed your other 13 lessons, the process will go fairly quickly. Are there any questions, remember you can ask a question by selecting the “Leave a comment” button at the end of the post at http://www.grantlessons.wordpress.com .

Okay if you are like me there is a lot to do, so let’s continue this discussion next week with more on this topic including making an online application. Stay warm wherever you are at and remember to carve out an hour or two in your schedule for your grant writing activities.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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