Lesson # 16 – Practical Experience – Walmart Foundation

Greetings from GrantLessons!

And I thought it was cold in December! Hopefully you are all keeping warm and have some time to renew your interest in learning about grant writing. Last year we spent a lot of time preparing for our grant writing activities. At the beginning of the new year it is time to get down to some practical experience.

Almost every town or city in the country has a Walmart store. Walmart has renewed its approach to the distribution of their philanthropy. It is worth your time to get with your chapter friends and spend some time poking around the Walmart Foundation grant site located at http://foundation.walmart.com/apply-for-grants/ . There are three options: national giving program, state giving program and local giving program. Lets focus on the Walmart Foundation State Giving Program.

Lets’s take a few moments to look at their process and grant opportunities. First of all one needs to identify the time periods for which they can make a grant application. Each state has two application cycles annually. Each state is assigned to either application cycles 1 and 3 or application cycles 2 and 4. Take the time now to find out when your application dates would be due for your chapter.

Let’s dig a little deeper to learn what applications can be received in which cycle. Cycles 1 and 2 are designated exclusively for applications in Focused Giving areas. Cycles 3 and 4 are open to both Focused Giving and Community Engagement Giving areas. More importantly lets look at what types of programs the foundation is willing to pay for in each cycle.

Focused Giving applications will need to focus on Hunger Relief and Healthy Eating and Career Opportunity only. Community Engagement Giving can focus on the same areas of Focused Giving but also will include the unmet needs of underserved populations that may fall outside of the focus areas listed above. Examples include education, health care access and other human services programs. Bingo! Some chapters may have opportunities in the Focused Giving cycle but every chapter has an opportunity in the Community Engagement Giving cycles since we all have Operation School Bell programs and are serving underserved populations.

The challenge is to start exploring, get a couple of your chapter friends together and get some goodies and hot tea and start to plot your opportunities now. Before we know it will be time for Spring to start and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to find money for your chapter. By the way three of our chapter members spent a few hours together filling out the local Wlmart grant applications one morning to 10 stores in our community and gained over $5,000 for our food pantry. The local application was really simple to do especially if you have done all your home work that we have previously discussed.

Well I am starting a return trip to Reno after being in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. And I will get to spend the next couple of days with good friends riding in the back seat playing with my sewing stuff. Hope your days will be filled with as much fun 😉

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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