Lesson #19 – Review and Submit

Over the last few days, I had an opportunity to meet with the National Resource Development Committee and we discussed where we are at as a national committee with helping chapters with their ability to obtain grants. This review has led me to want to review where we are at in our process here at GrantLessons. So far, over the last few months we have discussed preparing for grant writing, finding funding sources and over the last several weeks tips on completing an application. We are making progress. Now, we have an application ready to submit and we need to have someone else from the team review our work.

The reviewer is simply looking to see there are no major omissions of information or required documents. In the process it is important to give the reviewer ample time to review the total application before one hits the submit button or sends in the application by snail mail or hand carries the application to the funder address.

When one submits the application online, the computer program generally sends an email back to the applicant letting them know the application was received successfully. The member should print the email and place it in the history file folder.

When an application is submitted by mail, a signature receipt should be obtained and placed in the history file folder.

When an application is hand carried note the date and time of delivery in the history file folder.

Now it is time to wait. Sometimes this is the hardest part of the grant writing process. Most funders do not want to be called to check on the status of an application. Sometimes the funding agency will provide hints as to when the decision is expected to be made. The wait time can be from one to nine months. As you wait, start the process over and find another grant to write and submit.

The weather in Reno-Sparks is delightfully warm. It is time for a morning walk ;-).

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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