Lesson #20 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Greetings from GrantLessons!

I see the weather is still very cold in much of the country. We had a few snow flurries over the last few days and we continue to wish for some more snow in the mountains. Waiting to hear from funders is so hard. Many do not want to be contacted to see where the status of an application stands.
If a decision does not come in a reasonable time 4 to 6 months one is tempted to do some follow-up. My grant committee chair and I often chide each other okay it’s time to check on this application only to have the other one say let’s wait a bit longer. One must remember it is always time for a “high five” when a decision is made whether it is a positive response or a negative response.

A positive response should have an immediate call or letter back to the funder depending on the relationship the grant writer has with the funder. If a negative response, a denial, comes it is still time to celebrate and one should consider sending an email or letter to the funder thanking them for their consideration to evaluating your application.

When trying to find out why the application was rejected the most common response is that “We had more applications than we could fund”. It is not time to give up evaluate the letter and see if you can determine by the wording why it was rejected. One letter I received said something like, “We do not have these resources to allocate.” I took that as we asked for too much. So as one of my professors said, send in another application with improvements. In the above case, request a lesser amount”. His philosophy you don’t give up until you have made three applications.

Remember to keep every application in a Word document so that later a denied application can be recycled for a new opportunity. Recently, I was able to pass an application document that I had done a lot of research on to a member who has a very good lead for the same program. I was happy to share the application with her and I will be even happier if we receive funding. Grant writing is sharing!

Be sure to thank the one who wrote the application and let them know how much you and the committee appreciate their work. Remember if you don’t ask you won’t receive!

Next week we will be starting on a new section on the Grant Writing Committee. Have you asked all your committee members to join the GrantLessons Blog, if not why don’t you send out an email and get them involved in our conversation.

We have discussed the preparation, funding resources, writing, submission and decision components of GrantLessons, please let me know if we have not covered all areas where you need help. If you have a question, please ask! The Grants Committee is perhaps the most important lessons that we can give on promoting the long term development of your chapter’s grant writing opportunities.

It is off for a toasted cheese sandwich on a cold night and then grandma duty with my three little granddaughters for the night. Have fun and stay warm 😉

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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