Lesson #23 – Shared Responsibility

Greetings from GrantLessons!

Before we start today, we have added a sample job description for a Grant Chairman and Committee for your use, it can be found under Resources/Downloadable Files/Sample Job Description (scroll all the way down) at www.grantlessons.wordpress.com .

Ok, let me get back to today’s lesson and it is an important one for long-term development of a grant team. I am sitting back and thinking again about my family of origin and how they worked as a team. Our family has 6 girls and 7 boys. When we were growing up the girls took on the traditional work inside the house like food preparation, washing clothes, and cleaning. The boys took on the traditional work outside the house, like mowing the lawn, hunting for food, and fixing the cars. But everyone who wanted to eat worked in the garden. We all shared the responsibility of making sure that we planted, weeded, watered and harvested the food on the acre of land set aside.

Out to the Internet again, I found some interesting information about shared responsibility. One definition, reads “Shared responsibility is a concept that deals with the recognition that each member of the team is in charge or responsible for the whole team’s efforts. It deals with the agreement between two or more people to bear a portion of an obligation”.

Back to our grant writing team, we have discussed a structure for the team and provided an overall view of what tasks each member can do to lighten the workload for all working on obtaining grants and contributions for chapter programs. It is not only the structure and task assignments that are important, it is how the members interact with each other, that is, how they play the game. Or in my family’s case how to eat every night. Continuing to review the information on the Internet and thinking about how my family functioned here are some key points.

Shared responsibility is having respect for the skill and contribution each member makes to the goal (researching and writing applications).

Shared responsibility is recognizing the success as a team and not as any one person .

Shared responsibility is knowing when you need to step back and let someone else take the lead on a subject.

Shared responsibility is not over talking another person during a meeting but instead spending more time in active listening.

Shared responsibility is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each other and bolstering the strengths and understanding the weaknesses of each member.

Shared responsibility is looking at a grant application as taking a forward step whether it is approved or denied.

Shared responsibility is knowing when you need help and asking for it.

Shared responsibility is earning the respect of other team members.

Shared responsibility is knowing how to handle a disagreement with class so that all members feel good emotionally about the outcome.

Shared responsibility is picking up for another with a smile on one’s face. 😉

In summary, it is the responsibility of all working together that provides the synergy that makes working on a team actual fun, especially a team that can bring in significant dollars to a chapter’s programs that helps the community where we live.

It also kept food on our table while we were growing up! Weather has been beautiful in the Reno-Sparks community.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. Sandie


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