Lesson #26 – Tracking Applications

Greetings from GrantLessons!

The weather has been spectacular in Reno-Sparks! Once you have your team of committee or team members together and you start to work together, you will find that you have many opportunities to complete applications. You will find yourself writing an application and after you submit one, the game is to quickly find another application and complete and submit it. And to repeat this process over and over. Many times, it will literally take months before you hear whether you have a positive or negative decision. The important point is to start the process of completing the next application. The more applications for foundation grants and corporate contributions that are written leads to more money for your chapter’s philanthropic programs.

One thing universally, most funders do not want you calling every month or two to determine whether they intend to fund your application or not. One just has to wait! However, it is easy to forget who you sent an application to and when and which program you submitted. Additionally, you may find in your research that there is an application that you want to write but you cannot do it right now and you need to wait six months before you can complete.

You need to develop two lists. The first one is the chapter’s monthly foundation grant and corporate contribution applications completed list and the second one is the chapter’s potential application list. As we discussed in a previous post, this task can be assigned to the Researcher/Technical Support team member. A simple Excel spreadsheet will assist in the process to keep track of the applications completed and potential applications. The important fields include: Name of foundation or corporation, member assigned, date due, date sent, GuideStar (yes or no), amount requested, program, amount received, total by program, reapply (yes or no), date report required, and whether there are restrictions on using their name in marketing activities.

Each month the title of the spreadsheet is changed to acknowledge the date the  report is distributed. The spreadsheet is distributed to the president; treasurer, budget and finance, vice-president of resource development and the committee members.

Have you started to track your applications? Tracking is a very important task and one that can easily be done by someone who may not feel as confident at writing grants. Life is good!

Family from Illinois is visiting and I get to make hamburger treats, an old family recipe for supper.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. 😉 Sandie


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