Lesson #27 Annual Evaluation

What a beautiful morning in Reno, I am writing this on Monday, but when you read this on Wednesday, I understand that it will be cloudy with a chance of precipitation which would make it a beautiful morning as well. We really need rain!

It is coming to the end of the fiscal year and it is time to summarize the work of the committee. Taking the tracking form that shows all the applications completed it is easy to summarize the total number of applications completed for each program, with the number funded and the number denied. Additionally, the tracking form will demonstrate the total amount received by program against the chapter’s budget for the Grants Committee.

The Annual Evaluation should acknowledge the members of the committee who have done a lot of work behind the scene.

What can you do with this information? Provide a copy to the Board of Directors and to the Budget and Finance Committee to assist in planning what the Grant Committee can do next year. Also, be sure to note if you do not expect to get a grant next year because the funder does not make donation for consecutive years to an organization, they are closing, or they have told you that the application criteria or time for submittal is changing.

Next week, we will discuss Marketing and Relationships as it applies to our grant writing process. Have a great week, I think Spring has sprung!

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon. 😉 Sandie


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