Lesson #30 – Nonprofit Facebook Page

Greetings from GrantLessons!

I thought the winter weather was over until my Illinois farmer brother-in-law called and said that he had two inches of snow on his fields.

Last week we discussed how to make an impression on a funder through the chapter’s website. Another opportunity is the nonprofit’s Facebook page. A website contains static pages while Facebook pages are dynamic in that they are changing and create a timeline of events. Also others can make comments about your chapter’s posts. Facebook lets a funder see the human side of your work so Facebook pages should be populated with recipient pictures (be sure to get photo releases). Also, if a funder goes to your Facebook page and it has only a few “likes” that is not very convincing that your nonprofit organization has much public support. You should do a campaign so that your Facebook page has many “likes”.

Marketing both your philanthropic programs and your fund raising opportunities demonstrates to the community that the chapter is doing important work as well as raising money for its programs. However, running a Facebook page takes someone committed to finding fresh material and photos to put on Facebook. Again would your Facebook page convince a funder that your organization was the best. Like I am always saying, “You never really know who you are speaking to or who is reading about your chapter online”.

Enjoy the nice Spring weather if it is available and to those of you still working through the winter just remember Spring is up next.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie



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