Congratulations and Evaluation

Greetings from GrantLessons!

Congratulations! If you have been following GrantLessons for the last 32 weeks you have been reading simple lessons to improve your chapter’s ability to write applications for foundation grants and corporate contributions. Now it is time for some simple homework. Pull out a yellow sheet from your tablet and get your favorite pen in hand. Brew yourself a cup of tea, turn off the phone, and think about your chapter’s Grants Committee. Divide the top half of the page by making two columns. On the left side label it  “Strengths” and on the right side label it “Needs Improvement“.  Take a sip or two of tea and start writing whatever comes into your mind on how you believe your committee is functioning. Be sure that you write at least three items on each side.

Do something to celebrate the “Strengths”!

Now look over the “Needs Improvement” side and select one item. Put that item in the center of the lower section of the yellow sheet. Now start to think about how this item can be improved. Write down everything relevant to improving this issue. Group the strategies if you see that a couple go together. Look to see if the strategies are short-term or long-term. Start to prioritize the strategies for improvement. Soon you will see structure to the strategies where one item needs to be done before the other. Get another cup of tea 😉 Now think about how you as an individual can improve your ability to make a contribution to your Chapter’s Grants Committee. Evaluating leads to improvement!

Most of all take some time today to celebrate your work! It is important work and it is making a difference in your community.

Please hit the “Leave comment” button at and let us know at GrantLessons how we are doing. Let us hear what you need help with to improve your work.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie




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