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Greetings from GrantLessons!

Warm days have hit Reno-Sparks and it is time for barbecues. Welcome to the 5 new followers that joined yesterday! ūüėČ

Are you still looking for some new leads for your chapter’s funding resources? Let’s look at three opportunities again!


In GrantStation there is a new search feature called “Keyword”. The search by “Keyword” feature allows you to search for grantmaker profiles that include a specific keyword which describes location, area of interest, type of support, etc. Put your city and state in the search field and see if you find any new leads. Remember you can get a full year’s subscription for $47.00 by contacting Anita Friesen, Director of Resource Development at¬†.

Foundation Directory Online

Foundation Directory Online at can be purchased for one month at a time for $19.95. The directory provides an easy way to search for foundations in a specific location, such as, Kansas City, MO or St. Louis, MO. If your chapter wants to use the directory for a month, be sure to cancel the subscription at the same time that you enroll or you will be charged on a recurring basis for the next month until you cancel. If you believe you are not able to find any resources, Foundation Directory Online is worth your time.


Has your chapter obtained a Gold Level Participation? There are 13 National Assistance League chapters that have obtained a Gold Level Participation.¬†¬†Once you have completed the required fields for Gold Level Participation and have published the changes, you will be eligible to receive one free GuideStar Premium subscription (a $1,500 value).¬† You find this opportunity under the “Benefits” link. Your free GuideStar Premium subscription will remain active at no charge as long as your GuideStar Exchange information is up to date and meets the Gold Participant requirements. As a benefit to obtaining the Gold Level, the chapter can do an advance search that allows¬†you to gain the names and addresses of all the foundations in¬†your city and state.

Hope you are enjoying warmer days and have time to look again at your potential funding sources online.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie







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