Winding Up for the Year or Starting the Next Year

Greetings from GrantLessons!

Are you winding up for the year or are you getting started for the next year by starting out fresh with your applications writing process for foundation grants and corporate contributions? I just returned yesterday from a vacation with my husband to the Oregon coast, how beautiful! And I am right back at it this afternoon working with a new committee member. How was your last fiscal year? Are you desiring to find more application writing opportunities for foundation grants or corporate contributions?

Here are some steps to get you started or to renew your energy:

1. Look for new members and provide orientation and a mentoring program for them. Every team/committee should add one member each year.

2. Search GrantStation or Foundation Directory online for new leads for applications. Even if you have looked at all the opportunities once it is good to look at them again since funders often change what they desire to fund and you don’t want to discover that down the road.

3. Assign members specific tasks so that no one member is overburdened with the work of the team/committee. Come on what task can you give up to another team/committee member?

4. Check out GuideStar by searching for your chapters profile. If you have not completed the profile now is a good time to do it since you have all the information from the programs who have just recently finished their fiscal year. You can find the “Update Nonprofit Report” on your profile page at Once you have completed all the information, you will gain a Gold Participation widget that you can place on your website. More importantly you will be able to access a database that provides the names of all the nonprofit organizations in your city. Having trouble, send an email to and let me know what you need help with. Let’s work to get all chapters to the point of having a Gold Participation. It really is possible for everyone big or small.

5. Know that the time completing an application is never wasted time since it either results in a donation or increases your skill to complete the next application.

Today GrantLessons is celebrating its 100th post providing timely information to National Assistance League chapters across the country. We hope that the blog is fulfilling a need to assist you in your work. You can let us know what you need help in by leaving a comment or sending an email to .

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon!  Are you planning to go to Orlando? I hope to meet you there. Sandie




2 thoughts on “Winding Up for the Year or Starting the Next Year

  1. I have new committee members that I would like to subscribe to your wonderful Grant Lessons.  How do I go about adding them to your e-mail list?

    Thanks Nancy Franks Assistance League of Riverside

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