Time is Flying By

Greetings from GrantLessons!

Cool here in Reno but warmer by the weekend. I so enjoy the summer months, it is a time to get energized about our work. Congratulations Assistance League of Las Vegas for becoming a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant. I am working on a short video to help other members complete their GuideStar profile and it should be ready next week ūüėČ Let’s get all Assistance Leagues to become GuideStar Exchange Gold Participants this year!

Sometimes it is good for us application writers to leave our desks and go out and see the program work that our chapter is doing.¬†Yesterday, I happened to be in the vicinity where our Food Pantry distribution occurs and I stopped in for a few minutes. I saw lots of people getting two bags of groceries. It was¬†a¬†jolt¬†for me to see¬†many elderly seniors walking down the street with their walkers with two bags of groceries. It made me think how lucky I am to be able to write a grant to help get funding to support this effort. For me it is “paying forward” for the day when I may be dependent on receiving food from a nonprofit organization like Assistance League.

In looking over all we have talked about in the past few months and knowing that we have about 10 new followers, I thought about each one of you out there who will read this post this morning. What do you need to do in your committee to make the work go along easier? Do you need some training. It is hard for me to guess what it is you need. Here are some suggestions for good material to help you in your work. Log into your GrantStation account and on the left hand side of the screen, there is a section called “Write”. The following topics are covered, “Getting Started” “Letter of Inquiry” “The Grant Proposal” and “Revisions and Editing”. It is worth reviewing!

I have also reviewed four books looking for new information to share on this blog. In “Grant Writing for Dummies” by Dr. Beverly A Browning focuses on the writing of federal grants. One important point that she makes is “measure the program’s accountability with an evaluation plan” p.125. That is a really good idea and now is the time to think about it. This requirement while not generally required for foundation grants and corporate contributions but the requirement¬†is coming our way. It is time to start!

The second book, “Find Grant Funding Now: The Five-Step Prosperity Process for Entrepreneurs and Business” by Sarah Beth Aubrey talks “about the importance of project team selections” (p .130). Decide what skills your team needs to do the work and go after finding them!

The third book, “The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need” by Ellen Karsh and Arlen Sue Fox explains the importance of getting ready for writing a grant (pp.62-63). For us that is getting all our required documents into one electronic holding place, like Dropbox. Prior planning prevents poor performance!

The fourth book, “Grant Writing Demystiefied Hard Stuff Made Easy” by May Ann Payne describes the importance in prioritizing the order and timing of writing and submitting applications so you can focus on one at a time (p. 171). Application writing takes time, we need to use our time wisely!

Perhaps we should spend more time on trying to figure out the questions we need to ask and answer them rather than just jumping in with solutions to the wrong questions.

Okay, I got this written before my three granddaughters sleeping upstairs¬†woke¬†up for the day. ūüėČ

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie



4 thoughts on “Time is Flying By

  1. Hi Sandie – just came across this magnificent post and wanted to pass on big congratulations to the Assistance League of Las Vegas for reaching the elite gold level — and our huge gratitude to YOU for championing the GuideStar Exchange program! If there’s anything we at GuideStar can do to support your efforts on the short video, please don’t hesitate to reach out: lnichols@guidestar.org ~Lindsay Nichols, GuideStar’s senior director of marketing & communications

    • Greetings Lindsay, thanks so much for your support! We at GrantLessons want to help the chapters of National Assistance League become successful in writing applications for foundation grants and corporate contributions. GuideStar is a major strategy for this goal. We are all in this together to help thousands of residents in 120 chapters across the country find funding for their communities. Sandie

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