Grants Development Subcommittee Work Continues

Greetings from GrantLessons!

By the time you read this I will be going to the airport to travel to National Assistance League National Conference.

I did get a little more work done on using the GuideStar database to determine if there are more opportunities for us to review when we meet on September 17. If you are following along, we put search criteria into GuideStar’s “advanced search” including Reno, NV and received an Excel spreadsheet which I then pared down by removing those who were already giving to us.  Next, I copied the individual EIN (employer identification number) for each organization into the GuideStar search field which brought up each nonprofit organization’s profile (searching by EIN is the best way to go direct to the correct profile rather than typing a whole name). I then opened the Form 990 which is under the “Document” tab. I looked to see if they were still in business and if they had information for grant writers in Section XV on whether they only gave to preselected charities or had a mailing address for a letter of inquiry. If they gave to preselected charities only I looked to see if they gave locally or to China. This was done quickly, I only wanted to see that they had funds available and whether they gave to preselected or if they welcomed a letter of inquiry. I looked at 50 organizations.

If they had specific information in the Section XV, I saved the Form 990 to a new folder called “Potential Funders” in Dropbox and highlighed the organization’s information on the spreadsheet for further committee review. I also noted on the spreadsheet for each organization if they gave to preselected organizations did they give locally or not. Next, I prepared a new spreadsheet with the names of the organizations that I desire to have our Grants Development Subcommittee review. For the first review it will be only those who welcome letters of inquiry. We will do that on September 17. We will also discuss what to do with all these preselected organizations that give locally. I might add that I found leads this way that I did not find on either GrantStation or Foundation Directory Online.

This is a significant reason for each chapter to obtain Gold Participant status on GuideStar.

More to come later in the month to see what happens next with our team! I hope you or members of your chapter are flying to Orlando. Be sure to stop in Friday afternoon for the grants session and say “hello”! If you are not coming but other members from your chapter are going be sure to send them an email or text them and tell them to stop in and say “hello”. I also will be joining the GuideStar session as well.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon, some of you very soon! 😉 Sandie


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