Long-range Planning

Greetings from GrantLessons!

The temperature is getting colder but no snow yet! We could sure use some of the snow that I see on tv in Minneapolis!

Over the last couple of months we have spent a lot of time talking about GuideStar and writing goals. We have added new followers. Committees are developing. There is a wealth of information on the blog at www.grantlessons.wordpress.com .

We have discussed about every element of application writing. The new year is coming fast as evidenced by the change of music on my favorite local station. Now is a good time to give a thought or two to the long range development of your chapter’s application writing for foundation grants and corporate contributions.

How important is application writing to your chapter’s fund raising efforts? Is it included in your chapter’s strategic plan? Here are some of my thoughts on the topic for all of our chapters. In our evaluation we need to look at our geographic location and the size of our city. As the size increases there is more opportunity to find funders. But small chapters in close proximity still have opportunities.

Take the time to evaluate the time needed to write an application as opposed to putting a large fund raiser together. Once you are set-up with Dropbox and have your documents in place and you have obtained your GuideStar Gold status you are ready to search for and write  applications. Writing an application can take from one to ten hours depending on the complexity of the application.

Members with the right skill set to write applications can be relatively easy to find given we have so many professionals in our ranks who know how to evaluate requirements, fill out an application, and complete the requirements of the funder. The emphasis here has to be on mentoring the new individuals so they can find the documents they need and they don’t feel like they are alone in the process. Be sure that you tell new members about the opportunity to write grants at every new member orientation. You never know whom you are talking with!

Have you made a presentation at one of your chapter meetings? It is important that members realize the work that your committee is doing since so much of the work is done at our homes.  January would be a good month to do since it is the beginning of the new year. Putting a presentation together will be the topic of next week’s blog.

For now give some thought to the long range development of application writing for your chapter. What seeds need to be planted, what trimming is necessary to bring further new growth, what skill set are you missing in your work, and who needs to understand that they need to get involved to make it work. I am off to figuring out next week’s blog and I would appreciate it if you have a topic that you would like to hear more about, that you would hit the comment button and let us know. We are here as a resource to the National Assistance League chapters. Our mission is to help you write more applications and gain resources for your programs. 😉

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie



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