The Year of Organization

 Greetings from GrantLessons!

Well that was a really nice vacation. I had hoped to be back online on January 7, but when you are having fun you sometimes just have to have fun. 😉

Recently our GrantLessons team met and we discussed our next year here at GrantLessons. We did a short evaluation of what we have done so far. GrantLessons started on February 2012. To date we have provided 127 posts and we have 123 followers.  The number of views has increased from one year to the next, however, it is impossible to tell if all the views are from Assistance League chapter members since we do not have a “locked website” and it is open to the public. However, someone is looking since Calendar Year Ending (CYE) 2012 there were 1,814 page views; CYE 2013 there were 2,220 page views; and in CYE 2014 there were 2,655 page views.

As a follower you receive an email with the post after the publish button is hit. What you get is a short blip of information about something of interest for the week. The GrantLessons website has two components: posts and pages. The weekly post comes to you via your email, the previous posts are available to you on the website. Additionally the website contains 53 published pages of information. In order to see the previous posts and to look at the pages you have to enter the website at .

If you want to search on a topic such as “GuideStar” in the search field only the posts are sorted and retuned from the search process not the pages. Therefore, you are not able to see the resource materials including 10 videos that are also on the website, unless you go in and pick around. There are four videos on the GuideStar process itself.

Over the last 3 years we have developed the content for application writing of grant and corporate contribution applications. The process of application writing is fairly static in that the process itself does not change only the way each funder asks for the material. Therefore, from one year to the next there is not a lot of new material.

The problem is the material is not organized in an easy way for a user to find the information they may need. For instance, you have to go back to August 27, 2013 to see that there is a series on 35 posts that gives specific lessons on application writing. The lessons are very useful for someone who is just starting out.

The GrantLessons team has decided that we need to take all the material published on the website in both pages and posts and reorganize it and present it to our followers in a more useful format. We are starting this work at our Resource Development Committee at the Leadership meeting in Burbank on January 25 to 27. So we are printing the material published, sorting it, and evaluating how to organize it in a way that will be useful to our end users who may be changing every year. In the meantime, if you are looking for help on a specific issue, send an email to .

For now how are we doing? Over the last few weeks, I really began to realize how much the application writing is year round work since we are dealing with funders who have variable deadlines. While our chapter is rounding up our work for fiscal year ending (FYE) 2015, we are now starting to look at what applications we need to write in the next 5 months during our FYE 2015 that will actually be awarded in FYE 2016. As the number of applications grow and your chapter’s success increases be sure you are looking how you are managing when applications need to be written, so the hand-off between chairman is smooth and you do not forget to meet an application deadline in the transition.

Well I am off to the cutting board with a pair of scissors and tape. I always liked being in kindergarten, it is so much fun! 😉

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie





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