Thinking Ahead!!

Greetings from GrantLessons!

It is another beautiful day in Reno, but we really need rain!!

Here we are in January with only four months before most of our chapters will be changing the guard. It is time now to prepare for the next Grants Committee. In order to grow and continue our sustainability to raise monies from foundation grants and corporate contributions we need to plan now for the next committee. Here are some things you should check out.

  • Is your GuideStar profile complete and have you updated it since you now have the new audited financials and Form 990?
  • Have you filed all your applications and other documents in the hard files?
  • Have you cleaned up your Dropbox files?
  • Have you remembered to renew the chapter’s annual subscription  to GrantStation?
  • Have you gotten yourself on the Orientation Committee”s schedule so you can talk about the Grants Committee and to see if you can attract any new members to the committee?
  • Have you developed a calendar for your grant writing activities?
  • Will you have grants that will need to be written at the beginning of the next fiscal year, it is only 5 months away?
  • Do you know when your deadlines for applications arrive for the next year?
  • Does any of your members need additional training to take on new responsibilities next year?
  • Have you started the talk about outcome measurements for your programs for the next year?

I really have come to understand that working on the Grants Committee is a year long process, the work never stops and we must plan now for a smooth transition for this next fiscal year?

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie


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