Lesson #7 and Summary

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Lesson #7: Sustainability
Sustainable is an interesting word meaning “a resource is able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed”.  As we build our long-term team to write applications it is important that we do not use up our main resource for doing the work, which is the team member’s mind.
Unlike other work we may do for our chapter, the team member’s mind is what makes for success in getting checks for the chapter’s philanthropic programs. If the team member is enthusiastic it spills over to the other team members. If the team is patient and persistent about its work, it sets them up for success. If the team writes more applications that are a good match to the funder’s need to make awards, it increases the chances for success.
In order for the long term success, the words commitment, passion and conviction that as a team, success will come has to be part of the team’s culture. Lastly, if each member has the right attitude, they will find fun in their work and will be ready to celebrate their participation and success in getting funding.


Section I sets the stage the directions for raising funds by writing applications for foundation grants and corporate contributions. Developing a budget with identified line items provides financial goals. By structuring a committee with individual roles, the work is distributed among several members. Emphasis on team spirit and shared responsibility provides the relationships between members to support each other to follow the chapter’s direction and making fundraising a reality. As it is important in the short-term to write applications for the current fiscal year, the long-term goal of being able to develop and the maintain committee work for many years is more important. In Section II, we look closer at the real work of the committee.

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