Lesson # 10 Populate Online File Management System and Lesson # 11 Word-processing Tips

Greetings from GrantLessons!

We continue with two more lessons. Lesson #10 describes the documents that your committee should have available for members to use in writing applications. Lesson #11 describes some word-processing tips that will help you work productively as you complete your applications, especially when you are writing paper applications

Lesson #10 Populate Online File Management System
Once an Online File Management System, such as, Dropbox, is put in place, it is time to populate with the files needed for writing applications. Initially, the Dropbox administrator creates a folder that will house all the sub-folders. Below is a list of needed sub-folders:
• IRS Determination Letter,
• Nonprofit Form 990,
• Mission statement,
• Audited financials,
• Organization budget,
• Program budget,
• Chapter history, and
• Program descriptions.
After creating the appropriate subfolder, the administrator saves documents to each making sure that scanned documents file size is reduced.  You can reduce the file size with a program like Adobe Standard. Documents that are large in megabytes (MB) may not transfer over the Internet based on the criteria that has been set-up by the funder’s online program.

Lesson #11 – Word-processing Tips
Each word-processing program works slightly different depending on the program and version being used. The following four features will help the member save time and helps make the work more enjoyable: autorecover; spelling and grammar usage; number of words feature; and the track changes feature.
Autorecover can be set on one’s computer to prevent the loss of a whole document should one lose power or the computer has another malfunction. By activating the feature, the member ensures that original typing is being saved ever minute.
Microsoft 2003
Microsoft 2007

Spelling and Grammar Usage
Microsoft Word provides a feature that allows the member to search the document for spelling and grammar usage.
Microsoft Word 2003
Microsoft 2007

Number of Words Feature
Microsoft Word provides a feature that allows the member to determine the number of words/spaces in a document or a portion of a documents. This feature is valuable will the member is developing a document in Word and then is going to “cut and paste” the document into an online application.
Microsoft 2003
Microsoft 2007

Track Changes
Microsoft Word provides a feature that the reviewer can activate that tracks the changes suggested by the reviewer to the writer.
Microsoft Word 2003
Microsoft 2007

Don’t let this information overwhelm your committee, take one suggestion at a time and teach it to the members. Remember it is our job to create enthusiasm for our work. Our communities are depending on us to raise monies for our local Assistance League chapters philanthropic programs. If you have questions please let us know by sending an email to sandiebarrie@yahoo.com or by hitting the “Comment button” below the post at http://www.grantlessons.wordpress.com .

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie


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