Lesson #14 – Setting Up Files and #15 Potential Funder Tracking Document

Greetings from GrantLessons!

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Dropbox is an excellent resource to help application writers gain access to needed documents. However, hard files are needed for auditor review.
Clean neat files make the work for everyone easier. First be sure that you have enough file drawers. Be sure you have a hanging file frame to hold the file folders.

Setting Up Files
Labeling and organizing the folders is important and everyone will have a slightly different approach. Do you alphabetize all the folders by the full name of the foundation or do you use a nickname or a partial name on the outside of the folder? Do you keep foundation folders in the current file that your chapter has not filed an application or received a check for years? Do you have so many folders that you need a second file drawer?
Lastly, it is very important to keep the filing current and to review the mail opening procedure. Just think if a grant agreement gets to the Treasurer’s office and filed without a copy getting to the Grant Committee’s mailbox, potentially a grant could be lost because the chapter did not complete a requirement of the funder. One needs to remember that the auditors use the hard files each year to demonstrate that a grant application was completed and donations received.
At least 4 months prior to an anticipated auditor review, the committee needs to inspect and clean-up the hard files.

Who Has Access to Files
The files are confidential but need to be accessible and organized for all committee members to use. However, it is very important that the members do not take the files home. Instead they should make copies of pertinent documents that will help them write a paper application. As time goes along, it is anticipated that most documents needed will be in Dropbox.


Lesson #15 – Potential Funder Tracking Document
As the committee gets started with finding resources, it is important to keep track of all funders that are reviewed. A simple Excel spreadsheet allows those that are looking at potential funders a way to keep track of the funders reviewed and the results.
Create an Excel spreadsheet with the following variables:
• Date of Review
• Name of Funder
• Opportunity Evaluated
• Chapter Program
• Next Steps
• Results
• Date When Application is Due

The tracking document is an ongoing method to capture the investigation history done by the researcher for foundation grants and corporate contributions. The tracking document should be kept in Dropbox.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie


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