Lesson #24 – Evaluating a Funder’s Website and Lesson #25 Evaluating a Funder’s Facebook

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Lesson #24 – Evaluate a Funder’s Website
Many funders have websites that provide information about their funding opportunities.

Foundations frequently have a website associated with their philanthropic work. It should be noted however there are many family foundations that do not have any website linked with their work. Generally, these foundations ask for paper submissions of either a letter of inquiry or a proposal.
Corporations frequently have a website associated with their philanthropic work. Corporations may either have their philanthropic work on the same website as their business website or they may have a separate website that handles their contributions. Often times there is a link on the business website to the corporation contribution website.
One may find the information about a grant or contribution by simply typing the name of the company and the word “giving” to find the correct place. The term “corporate social responsibility” is often used to assist one in finding information about corporations.
The following information can generally be found on the funder’s website:
• Application process (online or paper),
• Deadline for making an application (ongoing or a specific date or dates),
• Frequently asked questions (how long the review of an application can take),
• Limitations for an application, and
• Contact person (some foundations/corporations do not want any contact from applicants).
It is important to read through the entire website 3 times before making a decision to write an application. It is important to read again just prior to completing the application.

Lesson #25 – Evaluate a Funder’s Social Media
Funders participate in social media at different levels. Many have Facebook accounts. To access type Facebook and the name of the corporation in your search engine.
On Facebook, you will find out more information about the funder. You may find the same information as is on their website. You may find additional information. You will generally find more pictures and videos. Reviewing a few of their posts provides you with more information about the potential funder.

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