Lesson #26 – Other Ways to Find Funders and Lesson #27 – Synthesize Research

Greetings from GrantLessons!

Today I am slip sliding away to Portland with my grandson, hope you are enjoying these beautiful summer days!

Lesson 26 – Other Ways to Find Funders
Using databases to find funders is very useful. But there are other ways to find funders.

Watch the local papers for requests for grant proposals.

You never know who you are talking to, smile and talk passionately about your programs to all who walk through your Thrift Shop doors.

Google Search
A Google search on the terms grants, city, state will bring up a list of potential funders.

Word of Mouth
Keep your ears you may hear someone talk about a new funder in your local community.

Lesson #27 – Synthesize Research
The word “synthesize” means combining information. The researcher should review all information about a funder that is possible. After reviewing the funder’s profile, Form 990PF, website, social media, and any other ways to learn about a funder, the researcher is ready to make a recommendation to the chapter’s committee. Writing a case statement or application is time consuming. However, with much of the information in Dropbox, it is not necessarily difficult for a good writer.
• What is the funder’s legal name (take from Form 990)?
• How much assets do they have?
• How much was allocated to grants last year?
• How many grants were made to nonprofits?
• Were the grants written for programs similar to the chapters’ programs?
By now, the researcher should have a good idea of which program fits the funder’s needs the best and the amount to be requested. It is a good idea to discuss the analysis with another member. Both then learn how to judge the possibility that the application will be successful. When one is learning how to complete an online application one may decide to practice by writing an application to a funder where they are unsure if they will be successful. This is good practice for those who are new and have skepticism about completing an application.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie



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