Lesson #32 – Check the Writing and Lesson #33 – Adjust the Writing

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Lesson # 32- Check the Writing
Asking another member to review the application helps identify any discrepancies between the guidelines and the application. Additionally, the reviewer is exposed to the format and questions of another application, which helps her gain additional perspectives on what is required in applications. Every writer needs an editor. Flaws can be corrected before submission.
Paper Application
When reviewing a paper application, the reviewer can examine the following:
• Appearance of document;
• Responses made to questions;
• Correct use of grammar and spelling;
• Deadline requirements; and
• Method for delivery (hand-deliver or use of mail system).
Online Application
When reviewing an online application, the reviewer will need to access the application online and can examine the following:
• Appearance of document (generally there is a final review page that shows what has been entered);
• Responses made to questions, including whether anything was omitted because of space limitations;
• Check file uploads to ensure that the proper document has been uploaded;
• Correct use of grammar and spelling (some online applications have spell checkers as part of the program);
• Deadline requirements (if pass the deadline the computer program will not allow submission); and
• Select submit button when ready for submission and be sure not to select before done (if the submit button is selected before one is done, one may need to contact the funder to have the application reset).

Lesson #33 – Adjust the Writing
The writer completes the application by making minor adjustments to the paper or online application. One knows they are done with the application when one can see the opportunity presented by the funder and the response made by the writer and there is a compelling case statement. The package will:
• Demonstrates a winning response,
• Matches the funders desire to donate with the chapters philanthropic program needs, and
• Adds just enough human passion to gain a “yes”.

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