Lesson # 34 Submit Application and Lesson #35 Track Application Submissions

Lesson #34 – Submit Application

Paper Applications
Paper applications can be lost in the mail. Writers may want to hand carry a final document. If this is not possible because of distance, then the writer should package the document and send it by priority mail to the funder. It is also wise to get a signature receipt for the package.
One has to measure whether they want to call to ensure that the package has arrived since many funders do not have staffs and do not want to have any communication with the applicant.
A copy of the application should be made for the hard file. Additionally, the document needs to be scanned and placed in Dropbox within a folder under the name of the funder. It is not necessary to copy the financial documents such as Form 990s or audited financials to the file.
Online Applications



Lesson #35 – Track Application Submissions
As more and more applications are written, it becomes necessary to keep track of applications. Using Microsoft Excel for this task will allow the applications to be sorted and formulas put in to determine the totals of the funding received.
The following variables should be collected:
• Legal name of foundation,
• Member assigned,
• Date due,
• Date sent,
• Amount asked,
• Funder decision,
• Amount received, and
• Program.
The document grows from one month to the next. Only applications that are completed are placed on this document. Each month the Chair updates the form with information that has been received since the last meeting. If a funder denies an application, the denial is recorded. If an application is funder, the amount received is recorded. Only money that has been received and is in the bank is recorded. The document is produced monthly and provided to key Board members to include: President, Treasurer, and others as determined by the chapter.

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