Lesson #46 – Annual Evaluation and Lesson #47 Hiring an Application Writer

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The weather is definitely chilling down.

Lesson #46 – Annual Evaluation

It is coming to the end of the fiscal year and it is time to summarize the work of the committee. Taking the tracking form that shows all the applications completed it is easy to summarize the total number of applications completed for each program, with the number funded and the number denied. Additionally, the tracking form will demonstrate the total amount received by program against the chapter’s budget for the Grants Committee.

The Annual Evaluation should acknowledge the members of the committee who have done a lot of work behind the scene.

What can you do with this information? Provide a copy to the Board of Directors and to the Budget and Finance Committee to assist in planning what the Grant Committee can do next year. Also, be sure to note if you do not expect to get a grant next year because the funder does not make donation for consecutive years to an organization, they are closing, or they have told you that the application criteria or time for submittal is changing.

Lesson #47 – Hiring Application Writers
After the Board of Directors does its assessment it may decide that hiring an application writer for foundation grants and corporate contributions is what needs to happen for their organization.
Here are a few questions to ask potential candidates:
• What strategies do you use to find a funder for our programs?
• Do you have access to a funder search database, such as, GrantStation or Foundation Directory Online? How long have you used this search database?
• Have you written foundation grants?
• When was the last grant you wrote actually funded?
• What is the dollar value of the grants you have received over the last two years?
• Have you obtained any corporate donations in the last two years?
• Are you familiar with our philanthropic programs?
• What has been the main focus of your applications, i.e., education, human services, i. e., programs for children?
• What kind of relationships do you have with funders in our community?
• Are you able to complete an online application for funding?
• How long does it take you to complete an application?
• Do you use an online file management system like Dropbox?
Lastly, how you pay a grant writer should not be based on a commission nor should you pay anyone to find a funder for your Chapter. Additionally, compensation should not be written into a grant.


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