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GrantLessons Blog and GuideStar

Greetings from GrantLessons!

Have you wondered where we have been for the last six months? Well really busy with lots of interesting things going on. But with all those things now under some control, well I am not sure you ever get a great grandson under control, we are ready to start our blog up again. Please note with Wednesday June 1, 2016, the GrantLessons Blog will be active again on a weekly basis.

With many chapters finishing up their year and starting with a new year and new committees, this is a great time to get the new members for your grant committees to sign-up for the GrantLessons Blog. They can do this by going to website and adding their name to the email list. There are many reference materials on the blog for those interested in grant writing.


Today, I listened to the GuideStar Impact Call that discussed the new Platinum Level available for nonprofits. Those who have been regular readers of GrantLessons know the importance of GuideStar to our work. A significant number of our organizations have reached the Gold Level on GuideStar. The Gold Level focused on qualitative measures. Now the new Platinum level focuses on quantitative measures. As I listened to the GuideStar CEO discuss the new Platinum level it was interesting to hear him acknowledge how hard it can be for a nonprofit to measure outcomes as opposed to outputs.

Tomorrow GuideStar will release the opportunity to complete the metrics to obtain the Platinum level to all nonprofits. I would encourage you to go visit your chapter’s page on GuideStar. You will see that GuideStar has a new facelift since last year and they have made it significantly easier to fill in the information required. Additionally, you now can pull off a report on your chapter’s work. You can easily see the metrics used for the Platinum level by scrolling down on a profile that has obtained the Platinum level.  To my knowledge two chapters have received Platinum level: Assistance League of San Jose and Assistance League of Reno-Sparks. On GuideStar you can check out these two chapters to see the metrics they used to gain Platinum level. We will have more on this exciting opportunity on future posts.

If you have questions let us know.

Also, if you no longer desire to get these posts because you have moved on to other things, please let GrantLessons know so that we can unsubscribe you.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie


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