Lesson #11 – Sustainability and Lesson #12 – Establishing an Email Account

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Well the smoke is back again from the fires in California and North of Reno. I have had some technical issues with computers over the last week, which have now been resolved. It is a real good time for me to get back to our work. As a teacher, I have gotten slightly ahead of myself in discussing the Lessons, so let me step back before I go on with finding a funder because if you are new to writing applications there are a few things you need to know before we proceed.

Lesson # 11 – Sustainability

One important point when one is starting out or if you are a seasoned application writing team is  to think about sustainability. As we look at what volunteers want to do in this day and age, it is to work on projects, to be able to work independently, to not be micro-managed and to work with with other competent volunteers. Working on a team of application writers meets all these expectation of today’s volunteers.

Sustainable is an interesting word meaning “a resource is able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed”.  As we build our long-term team to write applications it is important that we do not use up our main resource for doing the work, which is the team member’s mind.
Unlike other work we may do for our chapter, the team member’s mind is what makes for success in getting checks for the chapter’s philanthropic programs. If the team member is enthusiastic it spills over to the other team members. If the team is patient and persistent about its work, it sets them up for success. If the team writes more applications that are a good match to the funder’s need to make awards, it increases the chances for success.

In order for the long term success, the words commitment, passion and conviction that as a team, success will come, has to be part of the team’s culture. Lastly, if each member has the right attitude, they will find fun in their work and will be ready to celebrate their participation and success in getting funding.


Lesson #12 – Establishing an Email Account

The purpose of setting up a committee email account is two-fold: online applications and coordinated communications.

Online Applications
To start an application, the applicant has to set-up a user name and a password to start the process. Every online application has the applicant register an email address. There is a chance that a chapter’s administrative email address administrator may not realize the importance of a message and may not respond do it. Additionally, when a personal email account is used, no other member has access to the application. Having a specific email address allows all members to check on the incoming emails as needed. For instance, they will be able to determine if an application has been submitted by checking the communal email box. Having a communal email address also allows the applicant’s work to be checked by a reviewer without divulging their personal username and password for their email box.

Coordinated Communication
The committee chair should check on emails on a daily basis. While all members have access to the email, the committee chair should also monitor the email and she may need to forward emails to specific members. The committee chair file emails in appropriate folders. All emails should be kept forever since one does not know when they will need to access them.
Two popular email vendors are yahoo.com (http://tinyurl.com/p4u69ue) and Google (http://tinyurl.com/q5qo5hb ). With Yahoo one sets up a Yahoo email address and with Google, a Gmail account is established.

While this may seem like a small task, I have found it is one of the most important elements to ensure the development of a team that is able to sustain over time.

Okay we are now back on track!

Be sure that you take the time to accomplish each task as we move through these next lessons since these are the keys to developing a sustainable team ready to write applications way after you have decided to move onto to other chapter tasks.

Catch me when you can and I will catch up with you soon! Sandie



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