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  1. sandy – i attended my first grant committee meeting, and one of my questions after attending the meeting was, just how do we know how much to ask for when we write the grant – for instance, if the grant redeemption history is from $40,000 – $750,000 how do we figure out how much to ask for? is there any sort of guideline for this answer to my question?

    • Great to hear you went to your first meeting, hopefully many more. The Form 990 is an important document to help make this determination. Pull up the grantor’s Form 990 off of GuideStar. Go to the Schedule B, Part 1 (generally towards the end of the Form 990) and you will find the names and the amount of grants that have been made by the grantor in their last tax year. Now, the detective work begins. If the grantor generally gives $5,000 to all their grantees then you do not want to ask for $20,000. Look also at who is getting the money. Look for organizations that are similar to Assistance League chapters, i.e., Boys and Girls Clubs on the list. Another variable to consider is how much have you budgeted for the program. Most grantors do not want to fund the entire program so look at the proportion that this grantor could help with? How much have they given to these organization? Once you have obtained funding from a grantor you can simply ask for the same amount in the next fiscal year. Your request needs to be reasonable given the chapter’s program funding needs against the amount the grantor generally funds. The more Form 990s you look at the more you will gain the skill to predict the amount you want to ask for in your application. Other questions, let us know. We are here to help at GrantLessons.

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